I love animation and illustration. The industry has led me to work with motion graphics, which helped me to adquire skills in other areas of communication, which complement and raise the quality of my work, strategically addressing the creative concept, storytelling, composition of the moving image, application of the theory of color, among others that allow me to translate corporate content to emotional experiences that connect with people, not only with a mass categorized as target audience.

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. I started around 9 years in the world of illustration, making comics about situations that happened in my neighborhood for the cultural newspaper of Villa del Cerro. I also made some flipbooks with characters that I liked or situations that I saw in my daily life.

I studied Films and social communication, I never graduated from any degree and today I feel that I am proud to belong to the first generation that does not need a role that says what you are, but the work that I do. Formal education is a sinister business of the modern age, my empirical learning has been the one that has had the most value in my training, and I love being able to educate myself with YouTube videos, or courses on virtual platforms that generate specific knowledge that I apply in my abilities. Welcome postmodernity!

I have been working in the audiovisual industry for more than 9 years and now I end up realizing, after the years and experiences that I have had, that the more years that pass, the more I am moving away from what I am and what I dream, contrary to what I it's supposed to be when you're a professional in your trade. So I decided to abandon the idea of ​​employment as a measure of success or personal satisfaction. What I do best is in my hands and in my thoughts. Every time I'm in the shower or looking at the sky, imagining everything I could do and don't do because I never have time available. I recently opened my account as an artist on Instagram, and after showing my best work, I have started to tell little stories, from sequences in animated illustrations. I am from Bogotá, and everything I have inside wants to come out, making a portrait of Bogotá illustrated from my thoughts.


Welcome to my universe, if you like my motion artwork, I invite you to enjoy it and access to all my content and services.